PCM Proudly Introduces 

3D Lenticular Printing

3D lenticular printing, also called stereoscopic printing, allows pictures to come alive! The process lets you create a 3D picture that can be viewed without the use of 3D glasses or any special optical device. 

The fascinating illusion is created by placing a special laminated sheet called a lenticular lens over an ink jet or offset printed lenticular image. 

The lenticular image has a series of photos combined together, and the sheet has an array of small lenses called lenticels, which focus on one part of the image at a time. 

3D Depth Effect

By simply moving from side to side, a wide variety of effects can be seen, making the image come to life! 

In addition to 3D images, lenticular printing can also render lenticular effects such as 3D Depth, Flip, Animation, Morph and Zoom.

  • Flip
  • Zoom
  • Animation
  • Morph
Lenticular Flip Effect

3D lenticular printing is a great way to go above and beyond the ordinary to advertise your products and services. The 3D, eye-popping effects guarantee that customers will have their eyes glued to the lenticular products! 

If you are interested in lenticular products, or would like to speak to us about custom products, please contact us today!

Almost anything that you can think of can be made into a lenticular product! In addition to custom orders, we have a wide variety of lenticular products for you to choose from, including:  

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