LED Flashing Light Box for Advertising / Animated Lightbox

LED flashing light box is a new advertising light box with an intelligent system, which control LED light source flashing. The audience will be amazed with the visual impact and a satisfied feeling from this flashing effect, thus maximize the advertising effectiveness and also the economic benefits of advertisers.

Features and Benefits

The picture is more texture, to adapt to the middle-grade advertising clients and brand customers. Simple to use and picture changes freely. The background light source is 32cm square LED light panel can be pieced together any dimension to match any light box.

The spacing of each light bead can be controlled separately. We can edit to adjust each single light bead of the brightness, therefore it can be satisfied what the client needs.


Lightbox thickness - 4.5cm with power source outside, 10cm with power source inside.

Distance between picture and light bead - 3cm.

Energy conservation and environment protection with long time use. Light panel average power - 50w/m2 , power range is 0-100 watt.

Service life - up to 6 years.

No light pollution with light source inside, and the cost of maintenance is very low.

For indoor use - a single light box up to 5m height, any length.

For outdoor use - maximum size up to 500 m2 by assembly.


Shopping Malls, Exhibition Halls, Product Launch Conferences, Speciality Shops, Showrooms