Lenticular Drinking Cup / Tumbler

Lenticular cups have unique benefits that ordinary personalised cups do not have. 3D cups can create a lasting impression on customers. The 3D cups are resistant to any type of abuse or environment; during camping, on a picnic, or just make them your customer's favourite cup at office. 

Generally, people pay attention to what they drink from, why not brand your business with a creative approach to advertising by putting your messages on 3D lenticular cups.

3D Lenticular Plastic Cup

The 3D cup features a PET construction for enhanced durability. The lenticular design delivers a superb visual effect. This 3D cup is  a great choice for your home and office.
Capacity: 10oz, 16oz, 19oz, 22oz, 24oz, 28oz, 32oz, 32oz, 44oz, 130oz.
Material: PP
Dimensions: 9cm(Dia) x  6.6cm(Dia) x 15.4cm(H)